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Understanding and Assessing Violence


Presenter: Dr. Lisa Firestone
1.5 CE Credits
120 Minutes

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Presenter: Dr. Lisa Firestone
1.5 CE Credits
120 Minutes

The prodigious rates of violence in our country establish a need for an understanding and accurate assessment of violence risk. This Webinar will address these concerns by providing participants with a developmental understanding of violence and a method for assessing violence risk.

To more effectively deal with the monumental public health problem of violence in our country it is important to integrate knowledge from several disciplines to enhance our understanding of the numerous factors that contribute to an individual’s potential for violence. In this webinar, Dr. Lisa Firestone, a leading expert on violence, will integrate findings from the fields of neuroscience, attachment, and psychology.

Learning Objectives:
1. Describe the core dynamics operating in clients at risk for violent behavior.
2. Assess clients’ negative thought patterns that influence self-destructive and violent behavior.
3. Use assessment and interview techniques, based on static and dynamic risk factors, to effectively identify those at greatest risk for violent behavior.


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