Love in the Time of Twitter Webinar


Presenters: Dr. Pat Love and Dr. Lisa Firestone
1.5 CE Credits 
90 Minutes

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Presenters: Dr. Pat Love and Dr. Lisa Firestone
1.5 CE Credits 
90 Minutes
It’s not your imagination, 21st Century love relationships are more difficult to maintain. While 90 percent of young people still say that marriage is in their long-term plans, if trends continue, only half will be able to even come close to that goal. Relationships in general and marriage in particular, is more difficult to maintain because (1) expectations are higher; (2) commitment is lower; (3) challenges are more plentiful. One fact alone explains a lot, i.e. other than breathing we spend more time streaming technology than any other activity. That’s right, we spend about 9 ½ hours a day listening to music, emailing, texting, instant messaging, Facebooking, Twittering, surfing—you name it. This constant state of stimulation leaves little room for contemplation, mindfulness, and deep intimacy, which are all necessary for maintaining relationships. Fortunately, neuroscience is quickly providing answers and strategies for helping. So today, as more individuals and couples seek help for their relationship issues, we, the clinicians, can offer better help and insight. So while the changing zeitgeist has provided unique challenges, neuroscience and sociological research is quickly providing answers. Topics to be addressed will include but not be limited to: clinical applications from neuroscience, psychogenic versus autogenic sexual arousal, sexual desire discrepancy, emotional and physical infidelity, sexual compulsivity, gender differences, gay and lesbian research update, intensive therapy model, mindfulness in relationships, the stages of love, neuroscientific approach to systems theory, neurogenesis and therapeutic change. The goal is to make this time both personally and professionally rewarding!

Participants will:

Summarize a rational for mindfulness in relationships
Describe the role of dopamine in compulsivity
List four vehicles of the social media
List a working definition of infidelity


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