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The Self Under Siege


Presenter:  Dr. Lisa Firestone
3 CE Credits 

90 Minutes

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Presenter:  Dr. Lisa Firestone
3 CE Credits 

90 Minutes
Earn 3 CE’s by watching the Webinar and reading two articles by Dr. Firestone.

Differentiation refers to the struggle that all people face in striving to develop a sense of themselves as autonomous individuals. When working with clients to fully develop themselves, a fundamental question to have them consider is: are they living based on pursuing the things that really light them up, that matter to them, and that give meaning to their lives, or are they living based on prescriptions they acquired in their past? Are they living according their own values and ethical principles, or are they automatically living according to the values and standards of other people or of the society in which they live? A person’s identity is continually affected by interpersonal experiences that are either favorable or damaging to the development of his or her personality. In order for individuals to live their own lives and fulfill their destiny, they must differentiate themselves from destructive family and societal influences. To the extent that someone can develop and sustain significant aspects of their unique identity, they will be able to live truly individualistic and creative lives. In this Webinar, mental health professionals will learn an innovative approach to increasing differentiation, a four-step process developed by Robert Firestone, Ph.D. that involves:

1. Breaking with internalized thought processes, that is, the critical, hostile attitudes toward self and others.
2. Altering the negative personality traits in oneself that represent an incorporation of the aversive traits of one’s parents.
3. Identifying and relinquishing patterns of defense formed as an adaptation to painful events in one’s childhood.
4. Developing one’s own values, ideals, and beliefs rather than automatically accepting the beliefs of one’s culture or those one grew up with.

By encouraging clients to take this challenge of differentiation, we give them their best chance of living a goal-directed life and developing themselves to their fullest.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

1. Describe forces operating within the self, family and society that limit, or seriously damage, peoples own ability to find personal meaning in life.
2. List the steps of voice therapy.
3. Explain the four steps in differentiation of self.


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