Understanding and Preventing Violence

What is violence? How do you know if someone is at risk? What can you do if you or someone you know may be in trouble? The information in this brochure can help you avoid a potentially unsafe situation. Download


Making a Difference in a Child’s Life

Tips for Healthy Parenting As a parent, do you feel like you have to do it all yourself? Your feelings are understandable. Many parents feel the same way you do because we are all facing many stresses that our parents and grandparents never encountered. Download


Sex & Love

Do you ever judge yourself in a sexual situation? Many people worry and evaluate themselves during sex. They tend to think of sex more as a performance to be judged than as an opportunity to be close physically and emotionally to their partner. Download


Ayúdenos a salvar las vidas: Como prevenir el suicidio

Tareas para el ayudante: Hay que tomar pasos prácticos cuando usted está preocupado(a) por una persona que pueda suicidarse. Estos pasos le permitirán prevenir un suicidio y le proveen de estrategias que sirven como salvavidas para la gente que está en riesgo. Download


Save a Life

How to Prevent Suicide Helper tasks are practical steps to take when you are worried about a person who may be suicidal. These steps can help you prevent a suicide. They provide you with a strategy for serving as a lifeguard for the people in your life that may be at risk. Download