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How to Improve Your Relationships Webinar


Presenter:  Dr. Lisa Firestone
60 Minutes

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Presenter:  Dr. Lisa Firestone
60 Minutes

What prevents most people from being able to sustain romantic, meaningful relationships that satisfy their needs and desires?  What qualities should a person look for when selecting a partner? What are the factors that determine whether partners will end up experiencing love and fulfillment in their relationship or suffering pain and distress? This Webinar helps answer these questions by providing participants with a model for understanding themselves and their relationship. In her presentation, Dr. Firestone illustrates how defenses formed to deal with pain and anxiety in childhood later come to limit people as adults in their ability to develop and sustain attachments. She shows how negative inner thoughts toward oneself and others interfere with intimacy in relationships and how couples can learn to challenge such negative thoughts in order to achieve greater closeness in all their relationships. Learn practical techniques to improve your relationships.


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