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Helping Clients Stop Self-Sabotaging


Presenter: Dr. Lisa Firestone
3 CE Credits
90 Minutes

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Presenter: Dr. Lisa Firestone
3 CE Credits
90 Minutes
* Earn 3 CE Credits watching the Webinar and completing an accompanying reading assignment.

Every person has a destructive inner voice that often sabotages our goals. This inner critic judges our every action and instructs us on how to live our lives. It encourages us to act in ways  that are self-destructive, to take actions that undermine us and to hold ourselves back from taking positive risks. Learning to deal effectively with the “critical inner voice” is central to all areas of life: personal development, healthy relationships, self-esteem and career success. This Webinar provides participants with an introduction to Voice Therapy, a technique that can increase awareness of this internal dialogue, understanding its source and helping therapists assist clients in overcoming self-destructive behavior patterns, such as addictions and actual suicide.

Participants in the Webinar will discover ways to help their clients identify destructive thoughts or voices that encourage them to take actions not in their own self-interest and resist actions that would enhance their lives. Identifying and combating this inner enemy is essential to making major life changes. They will learn how Voice Therapy techniques can be used to challenge and overcome these destructive inner thoughts and to more effectively cope with anxiety, depression, personal relationships and work. Participants can begin to develop new strategies to help their patients reassess their goals, understand and tolerate the anxiety of change and identify achievable steps for positive and meaningful change in their lives.

Learning Objectives:

1. Apply techniques to identify and challenge destructive thinking in clients.
2. Identify and help clients address core beliefs that limit behavior change.
3. Describe strategies to help clients tolerate anxiety associated in breaking destructive patterns.


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