The Voice of Addiction


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In this Webinar: 

  • Understand the sneaky role of a “critical inner voice” in driving addiction
  • Explore the roots of this inner critic and the self-destructive cycle it perpetuates
  • Learn techniques to separate this internal enemy from one’s real point of view
  • Follow steps to identify and challenge this destructive “voice” to live life on your own terms

The mental strain of the pandemic has hit particularly hard for those who’ve dealt with addiction. Studies have already indicated an increased rate of drug and alcohol use and relapse among Americans who face substance use disorders. As millions of people find themselves spending more and more time in isolation, it’s important to consider the internal thought processes that may be driving them toward risky and self-destructive behavior.

In this CE webinar, Dr. Lisa Firestone will explain the concept of the critical inner voice and how it pushes people toward addictive behavior. The role of this “voice” in addiction is incredibly powerful in that first lures them into self-destructive behavior with seductive or even soothing-sounding messages but then punishes them for indulging. Increasing awareness of this critical voice and how it operates can be an important step in resisting an addiction.

The 90-minute presentation will introduce a method for individuals to separate their real self (their true wants, goals and values) from their anti-self (the side of them that is self-critical, self-sabotaging and self-destructive). Dr. Firestone will explain the steps of Voice Therapy, a cognitive, affective, and behavioral approach to challenging one’s core negative beliefs about themselves. She will help individuals and therapists working with clients learn ways to overcome the thought processes that influence addictive behavior. Dr. Firestone will further emphasize the importance of helping individuals struggling with addiction to strengthen their sense of self and start to refrain from addictive urges.


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