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Dealing Effectively with Depression


Presenter: Dr. Lisa Firestone
3 CE Credits
90 Minutes

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Presenter: Dr. Lisa Firestone
3 CE Credits
90 Minutes
* Earn 3 CE Credits watching the Webinar and completing an accompanying reading assignment.

A recent study revealed that one in 10 American adults have experienced depression. Depression is one of the most common complaints that lead people to seek therapy. When someone is in a depressed state, the hopelessness they feel seems to cloud the lens through which they see the world.  In no case is this lens as harsh as when it is turned on themselves. To battle depression means taking on this internalized enemy “the critical inner voice.” Identifying the self-destructive thoughts of this critical inner voice and learning to take actions in one’s own self interest, is the beginning of challenging the roots of depression. In this Webinar, therapists will learn how to help clients identify their critical inner voices through assessment instruments and homework exercises. They will be introduced to a cognitive/affective/behavioral modality for bringing these thoughts to the surface, and tools to help clients separate from the thoughts and take actions to go against them. They will learn how to help clients effectively challenge their critical inner voices, develop more compassion for themselves and strengthen sense of self.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss a cognitive/affective/behavioral approach for challenging the critical inner voices in depression.
  2. Identify a client’s negative thought patterns and attitudes that influence depression.
  3. Apply homework assignments and assessment techniques for identifying and overcoming depression.


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