Real Love Versus Fantasy: How to Keep Romantic Love Alive


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New studies in neuroscience have recently shown that lasting romantic love is truly attainable. Yet, so many couples are asking what causes the “spark” to fade? What keeps people from maintaining that excitement, attraction and closeness they once felt for their partner? What are some of the ways couples can rekindle their feelings of romantic love?

In this Webinar, Dr. Lisa Firestone explains the concept of a fantasy bond. Based on theory developed by psychologist Dr. Robert Firestone, the fantasy bond describes an illusion of connection a couple forms that replaces real acts of love, affection and relating. A fantasy bond exists when the form and routine of a relationship becomes more important than the substance – when a couple starts to forego their individuality—losing the “me” to become a “we.”

Dr. Firestone’s presentation will shed light on the differences between a truly close relationship and this illusion of connection or fantasy bond. She will describe the characteristics of a fantasy bond, helping individuals, couples and therapists to better understand how these fantasy dynamics operate in and hurt one’s closest relationships. As a contrast to a fantasy bond, Dr. Firestone will illustrate a model for an ideal relationship that combines emotional closeness and sexual intimacy.

Presenter: Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.
60 Minutes


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