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Real Love and How to Manifest It


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Fundamentally, there is only one kind of love– real love – trying to come more fully alive in us despite our limiting assumptions, the distortions of our culture, our sense of unworthiness, and the habits of fear, self-condemnation and isolation we tend to acquire just by living a life. Real love can manifest towards ourselves, towards another, towards all beings, and towards life itself. This Webinar with Sharon Salzberg, a central figure in the field of meditation, world-renowned teacher, and NY Times bestselling author, will illustrate how this is possible.
In her one-hour conversation with Glendon’s Dr. Lisa Firestone, Ms. Salzberg will explain how real love begins with ourselves. She will define love as a verb that involves the actions of paying attention and connecting to others. She will discuss skillful means for making these connections, which involves being curious and mindful, rather than fearful and fixed in our perspective. She will address the inherent challenges that come with real love and explain how the practice of mindfulness and forgiveness can provide a path through the conflicts and challenges that arise. Finally, she will introduce ways to be more compassionate and to extend lovingkindness to others, even those with whom we don’t always agree.

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe “real love” and how clients can manifest toward themselves and toward others
  • Practice the techniques of mindfulness and forgiveness with clients as a path through conflict
  • Identify ways to teach clients about compassion and lovingkindness

Presenter: Sharon Salzberg
Price: $10 (This Webinar is not available for CE’s)


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