Overcoming Breakups and Rejection


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By truly understanding the emotions triggered by a breakup or rejection, people can free themselves of much of their suffering and move on even stronger.

For someone experiencing a breakup or rejection, the advice to “just get over it” can feel impossible. Although losing a relationship is hard for anyone, there are deeper, more complex reasons certain people become stuck in their pain and suffer more than others. A rejection can trigger a painful reminder of past hurts and a violent assault on one’s sense of self, neither of which have much to do with the partner a person has lost. In addition, breaking up with someone breaks a fantasy of connection that couples form in order to feel safe and secure. A fracture to this security can trigger hostile self-attacks and spark anxiety based on our personal attachment history. By exploring each of these concepts and forming a more coherent understanding one’s emotions around a breakup, a person can actually use the experience of a breakup or rejection as an opportunity for personal growth. Through self-exploration paired with self-compassion, a person can feel stronger in themselves and go on to enjoy healthier, more satisfying relationships.

In this 90-minute Webinar, Dr. Lisa Firestone will introduce individuals and therapists to psychological tools that can help a person on their path to heal from a breakup or rejection:


These include:


  • Exploring how the past has shaped one’s relationship patterns, choices, and reactions
  • Recognizing critical self-attacks that are triggered by a separation
  • Understanding one’s emotions: how to express feelings in healthy ways and avoid rumination
  • Challenging a fantasy connection that elevates painful emotions around loss
  • Understanding how early attachment patterns influence one’s current reactions
  • Creating a coherent narrative of the experience
  • Adopting a growth mindset that allows a person to move on rather than a fixed mindset that keeps a person stuck in their pain
  • Practicing self-compassion and mindfulness techniques
  • Reframing thinking to differentiate what a person really wants from what they think they deserve

Learning Objectives:

  1. Become familiar with the concept of the fantasy bond, an imaginary connection formed with their partner that relieves anxiety yet interferes with real relationships.
  2. Apply techniques to identify and challenge destructive thinking in clients
  3. Identify three principles of self-compassion
  4. Explain the process of creating a coherent narrative around a trauma
  5. Describe the four categories of adult attachment patterns


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