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Nurturing Self-Regulation, Mindful Self-Awareness and Resilience in Children, Adolescents and Families – Webinar


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A Conversation with Dr. Bonnie Goldstein hosted by Dr. Lisa Firestone – A child’s developing mind, brain, and body is affected by the difficulties he or she encounters, including attachment and relational difficulties at home and at school, aggression, bullying and anti-social experiences, attention challenges and concentration problems, and chronic trauma. Since a child’s healthy sense of self is built upon a secure attachment with caregivers, we will explore interventions for working with our younger clients and their families through the lens of both family and group psychodynamic psychotherapy. In the wake of the emerging appreciation that physical action is necessary to initiate new ways of perceiving reality and promote new behavior patterns, somatic interventions will be illuminated through the lens of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy promoting resiliency, developing resources, regulating arousal and creating new competencies in an action-oriented atmosphere of curiosity, play, and discovery.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Summarize somatically oriented techniques that can help enhance communication, foster resilience, help resolve trauma-related symptoms and develop mindful self-awareness in order to enhance reconnection with self-and- others.
  2. Apply approaches to foster security including practical somatic resources that can increase positive interactions between children and their caregivers and/or peers, all leading to greater neural integration and neuro-connectivity.
  3. Recognize the impact of social connection through group psychotherapy to foster greater mindful self-awareness, emotional transformation toward greater self confidence, resilience, clarity and balance, and compassion for others.



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