Fundamentals of Anxiety


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Dr. Michael Mantz will explore the most recent neuroscientific research to provide you with the latest insights into the fundamental issues that create and modify anxiety.

Next, he will take these insights and translate them into practical clinical strategies that you can use to expand your repertoire on how to work with anxious people and with your own anxiety – with an emphasis on integrative healing methods. 

In the first part of this series, Dr. Mantz explores the most recent fundamental theories and research regarding the development of maladaptive forms of anxiety. He will explore core features that go into the creation, amplification, and maintenance of unhealthy anxiety. 

Next, he will focus on the latest research using biological methods including: nutrition, body movement, supplements, and sleep in order to effectively reduce unhealthy forms of anxiety. He will relate his own clinical experiences regarding what he has found works best for his patients.

In the second part of this series, Dr. Mantz will focus on the psychological underpinnings that impact anxiety. He will elucidate the importance of attentional skillfulness, emotional regulation, cognitive biases, defense mechanisms to provide the core backbone knowledge needed to construct a comprehensive integrative approach to help you work with anxiety more effectively. He will guide you into a couple of brief attentional and breathwork practices that he commonly uses with his patients.


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