Finding Healthy and Satisfying Sexuality Through Self-acceptance


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How self-acceptance and understanding can lead to healthier, more fulfilling sexuality

Sexuality is an important part of one’s identity, yet people often feel turned on themselves in relation to sex. While a person’s sexuality is unique to the individual, there are many ways that people struggle with their sexuality that are highly common but rarely talked about. Whatever a person’s specific sexual desires and preferences may be, there are a lot of complicated feelings about sex that often have to do with learned attitudes and emotions around wanting. Feelings around one’s sexuality can range from dissatisfaction to discomfort, insecurity to shame and are often rooted in negative overlays from their past. This 90-minute Webinar with Dr. Lisa Firestone will emphasize how healthy sexuality isn’t about a specific strategy, technique, or how often you have sex; it’s about having a healthy attitude toward your own sexuality that extends to your sexual relationships.

The Webinar will explore the following subjects:

  • Common self-critical thoughts or “critical inner voices” people experience around sexuality,their bodies, and wanting
  • How subtle and unsubtle attitudes from family and society get internalized to influence how someone feels about themselves in relation to sex as well as what they’re attracted to in a partner
  • Ways a person can feel more accepting, comfortable, and vital in their own sexuality
  • How to move toward developing one’s own values and beliefs around sexuality

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the negative thoughts a person has toward themselves, their partner, and their sexuality in order to provide targeted interventions
  2. Discuss a cognitive/affective/behavioral approach for challenging critical inner voices surrounding sexuality
  3. Identify how familial and societal influences have contributed to critical or distorted attitudes toward self and sexuality
  4. Provide greater awareness of personal values and perspectives on sexuality
  5. Express a broader understanding of the diverse expressions of human sexuality
  6. Communicate with increased skill and comfort around sexuality-related topics

Presenter: Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

90 Minutes


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