Building a Healthy Sense of Self


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Cultivating a healthy, compassionate, and authentic sense of self is key to improving every aspect of our lives. In this Webinar, Dr. Lisa Firestone will help individuals and therapists learn to:

  • Challenge a destructive inner enemy that undermines, evaluates, comments, and coaches people on every aspect of their lives
  • Identify an inherited negative sense of identity that keeps people from recognizing their real self
  • Embrace self-compassion, as a powerful tool with benefits that differ from self-esteem and counter narcissism
  • Break free of self-limiting behaviors that prevent people from achieving their personal goals

A person’s sense of self is often divided. Most people have a side of themselves that is “on their own team.” It encourages and supports them. It helps them fight for what they want and believes in what they can achieve. However, there is also an opposite force inside each person that acts as their own worst enemy.  It insults, critiques, questions, and undermines. It keeps them from pursuing their goals and punishes them for their mistakes. This side of a person has been referred to as the “anti-self.” Learning to deal effectively with this internal enemy and the negative self-talk it generates is key to not only building a healthy sense of self, but becoming who we want to be and living the life we desire.

In this 90-minute Webinar, Dr. Lisa Firestone will outline a powerful approach to overcoming one’s “critical inner voice” and building a healthy, authentic, and compassionate sense of self.  She will draw on concepts from Separation Theory and psychological differentiation in order to illustrate how a person’s past comes to shape their sense of identity and the language of their inner critic. She will introduce Voice Therapy as a cognitive/ behavioral / therapeutic approach to conquering this destructive internal enemy. She will bring in the latest research in self-compassion as a crucial tool for enhancing a person’s self-worth, while avoiding the conditional aspects of self-esteem and the destructive effects of narcissism. Finally, she will describe how differentiating from negative overlays from one’s past can help a person challenge their anti-self in order to live free of imagined limitations and create their own sense of who they really are as well as who they seek to be.


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