Breaking Bad Habits: The Neuroscience and Psychology of Personal Transformation


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Most people have some kind of habit in their lives that they’re either trying to change or want to change. Just because they’ve entrenched in a particular habit doesn’t mean it’s forever. The key to transforming a person’s relationship with exercising, productivity, eating, meditating, and even with stronger addictive behaviors is understanding their habits and changing their relationship to them.

In this 90-minute online workshop, Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., will explore the neuroscience and psychology behind why people do the things they do that keep them stuck. Participants will be shown how to identify cues that trigger a subconscious habit loop and present specific mindful methods to help individuals break free from bad habits. Everyone can learn to open up to opportunities for healthier habits.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain how the habit loop works and what role the basal ganglia and dopamine play in the automatic engagement of bad habits.
  2. Discuss why the brain uses thoughts and cravings as a way to avoid pain and the practical application of mindfulness as a way to regulate urges to engage in the bad habit.
  3. Practice mindfulness and self-compassion as a way to change your relationship to cravings and urges and rediscover the wise voice inside.
  4. Utilize strategies to guide and stay connected to the full program of skills and meditations you need to not only break your bad habits, but open up to a new set of healthier habits that ignite a happier life.


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