Are You Leaving Parts of Your “Self” Behind?


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Claim Your Self with Disruptive Self-Ownership™

Individuals may struggle with accepting and claiming ownership of themselves. This can result in difficulty developing a strong foundation of self through which to integrate new life experiences and relationships that support our evolving growth and deep personal development.  When we leave parts of ourselves behind, we can unknowingly and inadvertently live life like a sieve, with moments of your life running through you like water rather than adding to and strengthening the foundation of your “self.”  Rejected self-components can remain suspended in time and siphon off energy to remain out of awareness. Disruptive Self-Ownership is a process that helps break down the walls of disconnection inside yourself, helps free you to experience your “wholeness,” and claim the control and presence that’s yours.

This webinar will help people understand:

  • What is Disruptive Self-Ownership?
  • How can partial self-ownership develop?
  • How can I experience more ownership of my “self?”
  • How can it help me be more present for my life and build confidence?

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain how Disruptive Self-Ownership can support the integration of identity.
  2. Discuss the impact of avoiding aspects of the self as it relates to experience of the self.
  3. Identify aspects of self-regulation to help integrate rejected aspects of self.
  4. Describe how to help a person who self-rejects tolerate addressing negative self-beliefs.


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