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FOR MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS ONLY: This film features an interview with Trish, a forty-year-old woman who attempted to take her own life by shooting herself when she was a student, at the age of twenty. In this film, she talks about the life events that contributed to her suicidal state as well as the thoughts that precipitated her attempt. She reveals the contents of an insidious thought process – “the inner voice” – and how these thoughts drove the suicidal process. Because of the shame surrounding the topic of suicide, there is little information from those who survive this frequently irreversible action, especially about their thoughts prior to the actual attempt. For this reason, the filmed interview, which examines the pattern of thoughts underlying Trish’s suicidal behavior, provides a valuable window into the suicidal process. This interview furthers our understanding of suicide and the role of negative thoughts or “voices” in suicide. This knowledge allows clinicians to better understand their clients, evaluate their risk of suicide, and intervene effectively. Lisa Firestone, a clinical psychologist and Director of Research and Education for The Glendon Association, conducted this insightful interview.

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