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Winner – Communicator Award of Distinction, 2002 Finalist – New York International Film & Video Competition, 2002 In the midst of urban America, there is a group of over 100 friends and acquaintances who seem to have transcended the too frequent monotony and emptiness of modern day life. This documentary tells the story of how, over the past three decades, these people have deepened their friendships and shared business ventures, child-rearing, and adventure on the high seas. They have achieved remarkable success in each of these areas by pooling their resources and maintaining an open forum for honest communication where expressions of opinions and feelings are accepted and valued. With no preconceived plan, they have found a new way of living based upon an implicit set of humanitarian values. These values center around avoiding behaviors that hurt other people and that are toxic to human development — especially to that of children. Viewers will identify with the moving, personal and strikingly forthright stories of people who talk about their struggles to find personal meaning in life, to achieve success in their careers, and to enrich their family life.

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