Educational Topics

The Glendon Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to save lives and help people create more meaningful lives by addressing the social problems of suicide, child abuse, violence, and troubled interpersonal relationships.

Relationships & Parenting

“Relationships are worth struggling for because of the potential gratification of being close to someone in a tender, sensitive, respectful manner.” - From Sex & Love in Intimate Relationships



Learn about how The Glendon Association is involved with the Santa Barbara community, coordinating events and providing education in various areas of mental health, including suicide and violence prevention, interpersonal relationship issues, and child development.



“Research reports that childhood aggressive behavior and/or exposure to physical abuse or neglect are strong predictors of continued violence and aggression” - From FAVT manual



“Suicide is the ultimate abrogation of self – as such, it represents the extreme end of the continuum of self-destructive mental processes.” - From Suicide and the Inner Voice


Therapy & Theory

“Voice Therapy posits that a division exists within each individual - between the rational, objective, and life-affirming self and the anti-self, which is self-critical, self-hating, and at the ultimate end, self-destructive. - 'What is Voice Therapy?' brochure