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FOR MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS ONLY: This compelling documentary explores what was going on in the minds of three people who narrowly survived highly lethal suicide attempts. Their unusually articulate personal accounts reveal the contents of an insidious thought process or ‘inner voice,’ which urged them toward the ultimate act of self-destruction. Kevin, Trish and Susan bravely share their personal stories of self destruction, survival and recovery. They reveal intimate details of their earlier life histories that contributed to their self destructive behavior. Their accounts, in conjunction with interviews from world renowned experts in the field, including Drs. Alan Schore, Israel Orbach, David Jobes, David Rudd, Robert Firestone and Lisa Firestone , provide clinicians with valuable insight into the relationship between early developmental experiences and later suicidal behavior. Particular attention is paid to the significant role of ‘disassociation,’ which may have originally served as a survival mechanism, but in later life, facilitates the ‘acquired ability’ for an individual to attempt suicide. Clinicians and counselors will find this film invaluable for understanding what goes on in the mind of suicidal individuals, as well as the elements necessary for effective treatment.

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