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Understanding and Effectively Treating Violence


Presenters: Dr. James Gilligan and Dr. Lisa Firestone
3 CE Credits
90 Minutes

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Presenters: Dr. James Gilligan and Dr. Lisa Firestone
3 CE Credits
90 Minutes
Earn 3 CE’s by watching the Webinar and reading an article by Dr. Gilligan.

This Webinar will summarize a theory of the causes and prevention of violent behavior, meaning the infliction of injury, especially lethal or life-threatening injury, on a person by a person. The topics discussed will include the evaluation and treatment of individuals who are actually or potentially violent. It will be organized around the concept that violence is caused or prevented by the interaction between biological, psychological and social forces, especially those that increase or decrease exposure and vulnerability to shame and humiliation.

Learning Objectives:
1) To be able to expain the concept of the bio-psycho-social etiology of violent behavior, i.e., the awareness that violence is multi-determined and not reducible to any one cause.

2) To be able to recognize, that beneath all the variety in the determinants responsible for violent behavior, there is a common thread – the degree of exposure to shame and humiliation, and individuals’ relative capacity to tolerate shame and restore self-esteem without resorting to destructive or self-destructive behavior.

3) To able to describe the psychology and sociology of feelings of shame (versus pride) and guilt (versus innocence), the principal emotional forces that affect the likelihood and direction of violence.


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