Developing Secure Attachment


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This online workshop with Dr. Lisa Firestone will provide tools to help people heal insecure attachment, resolve trauma, integrate their emotions, and flourish in all their relationships.

This two-part online workshop will introduce:

  • How childhood attachment patterns affect individuals and their relationships
  • A framework for resolving childhood trauma
  • A process to develop earned secure attachment
  • Cutting-edge neurobiological research findings to help rewire the brain
  • Step-by-step guidelines for how to write a coherent narrative

Every person carries around deep wounds, behaviors, and beliefs about themselves and others from their earliest attachments that unconsciously direct their lives. Early relationships help shape a person’s adult romantic relationships, how they will parent, and how they expect others to react to them.

Attachment research shows that when people fail to make sense of their past, they find themselves reliving and recreating it, essentially re-experiencing old hurts over and over again. However, making sense of the past is the best predictor of one’s ability to shape their future.

This two-part online workshop will introduce the tools for individuals to dig deep and resolve old traumas, big and small, so that they no longer haunt them. For mental health professionals, it will provide strategies to apply these tools with your clients.

This workshop will draw upon the latest attachment research and outline the process of writing a coherent narrative. Research in neurobiology shows that when a person writes a coherent narrative, they actually rewire their brain to feel more secure within themselves and their relationships, developing earned secure attachment.

This online workshop will be supplemented with a downloadable booklet of the writing exercises mentioned in Dr. Firestone’s presentations, so that you can work through the exercises on your own time at your own pace. Additionally, the workshop will include access to a video Toolkit of exercises to help you calm down and regulate your emotions as you work through understanding your attachment history and developing earned security.


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