A Whole-Person Approach to Make Peace with Food and Your Body


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In this webinar:

  • Recognize habits by acknowledging where you are and igniting motivation.
  • Apply evidence-based mindfulness eating practices.
  • Practice movement, exercise and rest goals while appreciating your body.
  • Analyze areas of self-care including physical environment, relationships and communication, spirituality and mind-body connection.

Moving toward optimal health is a lifelong journey. The goal of this webinar is to help you optimize your well being by focusing on two areas of your health. If you are ready to stop living on auto-pilot and change how you eat and how you treat your body, then this is the webinar for you.

Using research from psychological science and integrative medicine, you will learn skills to pay attention and respond mindfully to your body. Mindfulness is associated with improvements in physical and mental health; it can bring about lower levels of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress-related symptoms and increase feelings of joy, gratefulness, love, contentment and satisfaction.

Hopefully it’s not a surprise then, that mindful awareness is also associated with better eating habits. When it comes to improving your eating, you don’t have to give up all the foods you love but you will want to give up dieting and fasting and stop believing the onslaught of contradictory food myths that bombard you as advertisers compete to sell their products. In this webinar you will learn to choose and plan your meals and snacks more effectively. Using evidence-based practices, you will begin to assess your nutritional needs by tuning in, balance your eating with the help of easy-to-follow guidelines and incorporate mindfulness based eating practices that are shown to reduce habitual emotional and mindless eating.

Now, let’s turn to your second health goal – making peace with your body. It may seem counterintuitive but self-criticism is not a helpful form of motivation when it comes to making changes to your physical health. Therefore, this webinar will prompt you to challenge and change how you talk to yourself about your body and begin to practice mindfulness strategies. This science backed approach can lead to less shame, isolation and feelings of stuckness and more movement, exercise and sleep; being active and sleeping enough can improve your strength, endurance, joint function, blood pressure, bone density, posture, flexibility, health and quality of life and much more.

According to the World Health Organization health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease…” Eating well and treating your body well are two steps on your journey toward your optimal health. This webinar is an opportunity to proactively reassess and rebalance as you move toward the healthy life you envision.


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