Based on the book Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice

For Professionals

Challenging Critical Inner Voices: An Adjunct to Clinical Practice
Learning to deal effectively with the ‘critical inner voice” is central to all areas of life: personal development, healthy relationships, self-esteem, and career success. This workshop provides participants with in-depth knowledge of an innovative cognitive/affective/behavioral technique, Voice Therapy, that can enhance the therapist’s ability to achieve positive treatment outcomes for their clients. Through lecture, videotapes, and role-play participants will be introduced to the techniques of Voice Therapy and learn how to apply them effectively in their practice. In additional, participants will learn how to use specific exercises, included in the book, as an adjunct to their clinical work with their clients.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • discover ways to help their patients identify destructive thoughts or voices that cause debilitating feelings of guilt and shame;
  • learn to use Voice Therapy techniques to challenge and overcome these destructive inner thoughts, and to more effectively cope with anxiety, depression, personal relationships, and work; and
  • develop new strategies to help their patients reassess their goals, understand and tolerate the anxiety of change, and identify achievable steps for positive and meaningful change in their lives.

For the General Public

Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice
Participants are asked to consider these questions: “Are you living the life you were destined to live or are you living someone else’s life?” “Are your actions based on what you really feel and believe or on negative programming from your past?” This seminar, based on theories and methods developed by Dr. Robert W. Firestone, can help individuals counter negative thinking and live free from imagined limitations. Through videotapes, interactive discussions, and various exercises, the presenters illustrate:

  • how guilt and shame affect us in our everyday lives, and how negative thoughts about ourselves keep shame and guilt alive
  • how destructive thoughts and attitudes undermine our efforts to achieve our full potential in our work lives
  • how the critical inner voice interferes with intimacy and closeness in relationships
  • how we can challenge the destructive thoughts or voices that influence addictive behavior and break free of these patterns
  • how we can deal effectively with negative thinking that leads to a destructive spiral of depression and hopelessness

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