by Robert W. Firestone, Ph.D.
Foreword by R.D. Laing, M.D.

In this revolutionary work, Dr. Firestone develops the theory and underlying dynamics involved in disturbed family relationships and the “poisonous pedagogy” that characterizes generally accepted patterns of child-rearing. The author expands on the phenomenological descriptions of the traditional abuses of children previously offered by Alice Miller, R.D. Laing, James Garbarino, and others, and explains how well-intentioned parents unwittingly injure their children’s self-esteem and psychological functioning.

“I want to close with a personal plea to professionals and parents alike to consider their own humanity and the humanity of children, to give value to their own lives and their experiences in spite of painful existential issues. I hope that we can move beyond our limitations and reach out to children in a way that will spare them so much unnecessary suffering . . . this book is dedicated to parents: the lost children.” –Robert W. Firestone

1990, New York: Plenum Publishing/Insight Books,
1999, Santa Barbara: The Glendon Association,

Paperback: ISBN: 0967668425


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