Priced for use by institutions. This film integrates stories from violent individuals, with commentary from experts in the field of violence, leading to a better understanding of both the developmental issues and thought processes of those engaging in violent behavior. As each of the men from the Grendon Prison in the United Kingdom and the Resolve to Stop the Violence Program in San Francisco tells his story, an informative narrative unfolds. These narratives are informed by the men’s own understanding of the dynamics of their violent behavior, which they’ve arrived at through the process of therapy. The first of a two part series, “Voices of Violence” reveals the triggers that led these men to commit violence and the destructive thoughts or “voices” that were directing their behavior. The film features interviews with leading experts in brain development and attachment, including Daniel Siegel, as well as specialists who have worked with violent individuals, including Felicity de Zulueta, David Jones, Peter Fonagy, Donald Meichenbaum, and James Gilligan. In addition Father Boyle of Homeboy Industries and Aqeela Sherrills of The Reverence Project share the knowledge they’ve gained from their experience transforming the lives of young gang members in Los Angeles. The film interweaves these valuable perspectives with the work of Robert Firestone, which further illuminates the underlying dynamics operating in the mind of violent Individuals. As the film unfolds, a coherent understanding of violent individuals emerges from a compassionate perspective that maximizes the opportunity for insight into the causes of and potential remedies for violence in our society. Part 2 of the “Voices of Violence Series” will examine effective treatment approaches for violent individuals.

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