Firestone, R.W. (1993). The psychodynamics of fantasy, addiction, and addictive attachments. American Journal of Psychoanalysis53(4), 335-352.

This article elucidates the relationship between fantasy and addiction and describes addiction as a primary function of the self-parenting process. In presenting a comparative model of mental health versus psychopathology in terms of the self-parenting process, the author discusses 3 categories of individuals: the person with extreme propensities for fantasy and isolation; the person who uses elements of reality primarily to reinforce and support an ongoing fantasy process rather than really investing in relationships and career; and the person who lives a realistic committed life whose actions match aspirations and capabilities. A therapeutic approach is presented which (1) challenges and disrupts the addictive patterns and (2) encourages movement toward real gratification and autonomy in the external environment. Reprint