Dr. Lisa Firestone has been invited to conduct online workshops on Effective Crisis Response and Treatments for Suicide since the pandemic. These 6-hour workshops provide licensed mental health professionals with the required 6 hour continuing education units and training required for license renewal.  Childrens Institute (CII) in Los Angeles is an agency that has invited Dr. Firestone to provide this training on several occasions.


At Childrens Institute (CI) throughout the last few years, there has been an increase in referrals for situations that involve suicidality amongst children, youth, and families. In response, CI made the decision to provide a focused training on suicide for their staff.


The data shows that suicidality among our youth continues to rise. The increase in numbers means that anyone working with children and youth will be exposed to suicide at some point in their careers. We knew that information and training such as this, help staff be better equipped to respond to children, youth, and families in crisis.


Anyone working in community mental health or working in our schools could benefit with such a training.  We now plan to provide this type of training on a yearly basis.


Here are some comments from our staff that attended the training

  • It was so helpful to go through the safety planning step-by-step
  • This training helped me be better equipped to assist clients in this area by such a knowledgeable trainer.
  • I particularly appreciated the statistics and they were applied to the population. Also risk factors and how to identify them.
  • I enjoyed the presenter providing real examples of how to use the skills being taught.
  • I appreciated that the trainer was extremely knowledgeable and provided an informative and engaging training with video examples that supported the training elements.


Childrens Institute (CII) was founded in 1906 by Minnie Barton to provide shelter to women.

To this day, women continue to play a powerful role at CII. CII has grown to expand the reach within the communities we serve with innovative programs and services. Children’s Institute’s (CII) two generational approach strengthens individual, family, and community capacity for healing, wellness, and success. CII has four main campuses serving the Los Angeles communities:

Otis Booth, Watts Campus, Long Beach Center, and Figueroa Center.


To learn more about Childrens Institute visit childrensinstitute.org               

Ingrid E. Mürrle, LMFT
Senior Clinical Specialist

Childrens Institute


If you’re interested in booking a training with Dr. Firestone, contact Jina Carvalho at Jina@glendon.org


Online Course:

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