How to Have Happy (“Covid-Free”) Holidays!

A universal truth on which most of us can agree is that pandemic fatigue is real. Despite this fact, crisis always has a way of unifying, strengthening, and making us more resourceful. So let’s talk about five ways to find meaning in the madness: Read More


7 Practices to Keep Calm in the Face of Uncertainty

While there are real circumstances in our lives that are causing us concern, there are also real techniques we can and should use to calm down. It’s okay to give ourselves permission to seek a little bit of peace right now. Here are five ways to help you do it. Read More


Dr. Gia Marson on Eating Disorders

Watch an exclusive interview with Dr. Gia Marson on dealing with eating disorders during this difficult time. Watch Now


The Trauma of Racism

In the United States, black people are almost guaranteed to be born into a life of trauma. It is a trauma informed by a long history of brutal inhumanity, repression, violence, and injustice that continues to firmly grip black men and women each and every day. This trauma is not something any of us who…


UNmuted: The Necessary Discomfort in Acknowledging America’s Racial Pandemic

When Africans arrived in the New World, they weren’t allowed to read or write. Transmitting information orally was the only way that the slaves were able to retain their culture from generation to generation. Today, that oral tradition is reflected in storytelling, rap music, and spoken word performance. This type of expression is normatively accepted…


Saving Lives from Suicide During a Pandemic

The current crisis we’re enduring with Covid-19 is taking a toll on more than our physical well-being. A recent Kaiser poll showed that nearly half of Americans feel the coronavirus crisis is harming their mental health. Suicide and crisis call and text hotlines have reported “unprecedented” spikes in the number of calls they receive, and many are…


Tips for Coping With Coronovirus Stress

With the coronavirus throwing us into an uncharted state of uncertainty, our anxiety is through the roof. Many of us are practicing social distancing or spending our time in isolation or quarantine. The mental health effects of these circumstances are likely to be vast as we know from prior research, but whatever state we may…


10 Ways to Fight Loneliness While Sheltering at Home

With 95 percent of Americans ordered to shelter in place, many of us have found ourselves trudging through new levels of loneliness. It’s a strange paradox that one of the most globally impactful events in our lifetime, rather than bring us together, could force us to be our most isolated. Yet, here we are, taking…


Death Anxiety and the Coronavirus

The ultimate tragedy of the human condition is our awareness of our inevitable mortality. Each person is born with a death sentence. The developing child initially discovers the traumatic reality that their parents will die and later that they themselves will eventually die. This reality is too terrifying to tolerate, so the child must resort…


The Hidden Powers of Gratitude

Laughter has long been hailed the best medicine, but a growing body of research is showing gratitude to be a major player in the path to a happy and healthy existence. Scientific findings have revealed that when we make a habit of focusing on and appreciating the positive parts of life, we can enhance our overall well-being….