The Glendon Association, in conjunction with Zeig, Tucker, & Theison, Inc. Publishers, is pleased to announce the launch of Robert Firestone’s new book The Enemy Within: Separation Theory and Voice Therapy  at the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference in Anaheim,  Dec. 13-17, 2017. 

The Enemy Within is a compendium of the life work of Glendon’s principle theorist, Robert Firestone. The book builds upon his previous published works and offers an in-depth exploration of his more recent findings. The result is an original, holistic approach to understanding human behavior, relationships, and crucial socio-political issues.

 The Enemy Within provides new insights into the destructive thought process or “voice,” particularly in relation to its insidious influence on suicidal and violent behavior. Using compelling case examples, Dr. Firestone shows how the techniques of Voice Therapy help clients separate from the critical inner voice and fantasy bonds (destructive emotional ties) that are limiting their lives to a considerable extent.

The book highlights the profound impact that the fear of death has on all of us, largely on an unconscious level. This deep-seated fear reinforces a tendency to conform to the beliefs of a particular group and to subordinate ourselves to charismatic leaders. The resulting in-group identification polarizes us against people who look, believe, or act differently.  Dr. Firestone’s thesis is that this collective defense or mindset contributes significantly to the problems of racism, terrorism and ethnic warfare. The Enemy Within is a thought-provoking, valuable, and timely contribution to psychotherapy, psychology, and the other social sciences.

Advance copies available for order here




    • “A milestone of incisive, illuminating and practical guidance to the core of therapeutic healing, as well as cultural healing…in my view. I found the book to be an invaluable distillation of the best thinking in our field.” – Kirk Schneider Ph.D.


    • “A commanding articulation of Separation Theory and Voice Therapy in the service of fostering ‘life-affirming death awareness’ by one of the most influential theorists and clinicians of our times.” – Sheldon Solomon, Ph.D.
    • “Thank you Robert Firestone for this comprehensive, practical and precious work identifying The Enemy Within and providing clear strategies for addressing resistance in psychotherapy, but more important, our own resistance to a better life.” – Pat Love, Ed.D.


Advance copies available for order here