Free Yourself from Your Inner Critic

Stop Getting in Your Own Way

critical inner voice Webinar

A Weekend Workshop Retreat in Ojai, CA
When: Nov. 7 – 9, 2014
Where: Private Retreat Center in Ojai, California
Instructors: Dr. Lisa Firestone and Joyce Catlett


Description: Each of us has an “inner critic” judging our every action and instructing us on how to live our lives. But how much are we letting this inner critic control us and sabotage our goals? Are we living our own life or are we living based on someone else’s expectations or prescriptions for our life? Are our actions based on what we really feel and believe or on negative programming from our past? In this workshop Dr. Lisa Firestone and Joyce Catlett, authors of Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice, will help individuals learn how to stop self-sabotaging by countering negative thinking and live free from their imagined limitations.

* Mindfulness exercises will be offered throughout.


$410 $350 per person

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* 10 CE Credits available for a fee


Some Meals included
Accommodations not included



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