by Robert W. Firestone, Ph.D.

In the United States, every 17 minutes a person acts on the resolve to terminate his or her existence.” Thus begins Robert W. Firestone’s exploration into the depths of the human problem of suicide. Suicide is a leading cause of death in our nation. What internal factors cause a person to end his or her life, and what are the familial and societal factors that may be making a destructive contribution? The answers to both questions are at the heart of Suicide and the Inner Voice.

Dr. Firestone believes that the key to understanding suicidal behavior comes from a knowledge of the destructive thought processes of those at risk and an awareness of their origins in early family interactions. He tells us that the negative events in our lives are not nearly as harmful as what we tell ourselves about them. From an understanding of how one begins a downward spiral of negative internal conversations, professionals can better assess risk and design treatment for depressed and suicidal patients.

Dr. Firestone provides the reader with this understanding first by building his book around the sound theoretical framework and psychotherapeutic methodology he and his colleagues developed. The theoretical framework offers a unique perspective not only on suicide, but also on other self-destructive, potentially life-threatening (micro suicidal) behaviors and lifestyles.

1997, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications,

Paperback: ISBN: 0761905553

Hardcover: ISBN: 0761905545


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